Thursday, 7 May 2009


I have discovered something messier that loose glitter - flocking. Have you ever used it? I have been making Children's age cards with my jungle stamps and I thought it would be fun to add fluffy bits.

OMH - you should see my desk!

oh - hang on

There you go.
There are pots of fluff all over the place

I wanted to do quite a large batch of small, simple animal cards with numbers on to sell cheaply, so I thought I would do lots at the same time. I have about 25 toppers in various states waiting to be finished. What have I started!

Oh, and the figure in the middle of all that is a Peter Rabbit that the old goat me because he's out all weekend.


- it's a bit like flowersoft, and well packed into the tub - so put in a large box (my trusty take-away post) or tub and give it a good shake to get rid of the lumps

- use loads of glue

- press down gently and leave to dry before you shake the powder (and it is powder) off.


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