Saturday, 9 May 2009


The old goat is doing a wedding today - so it's all quiet on the home front. It is such a novelty when he is 'at work' (away from home) for the day - there is no colourful language drifting down the stairs to my office, and there is a really good play on a Saturday - so I was in heaven.

Yesterday I saw a picture of a really cute 1940s writing case, and it struck me - we just don't have pretty writing sets these days. How many people even have a desk to write at: the computer's in the way.

So today I have been doing my favorite thing - experimenting with pretty papers. I have made two. The first one to get a feel for it and rough out the instructions - then I did another, just to check a few things

This is just perfect to tuck in a drawer to keep everything together.

This is the front

And the inside

Inside there is a big space to put one of these small note pads, and on the other side, a pocket for envelopes, and a pocket for 'secret' bits - even a tiny pocket to tuck a stamp book in (now you know where to find it!)


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