Saturday, 30 May 2009


I feel so much better today!

Yesterday I was ready to sit in front of the train - I could barley stand up. This past 10 days have been sooo painful and wasted - even the old goat was beginning to worry. Today - well I could not conquer the world - but I planted out a few trays of seedlings and swept up a bit. Then I sat at my bench - I even got out my PROPER NIBS and ink, real dip nib stuff instead of my trusty parallel pens. Great stuff!!

I picked up this pirate cut and emboss die up for about £2 on ebay - not something I would go out and look for - but, hay - kitten never turns down a bargain! Still working out what I can do with it, but I can see possibilities.

This is brass stencil work (still LOVE brass stencils). Embossed bunnies in brown - simple but so effective when layered

So - I have caught up on loads of things and cleared a tray on my bench - I had forgotten some of the things there!



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