Thursday, 30 April 2009


I did get a bit of work done at the bench today.

I tried out this project

(great site for ideas and how to stuff)



- anyway - I followed the instructions, and I was fine up to the bit with the frame and making the pockets. I just could not see where she was coming from (or how it would end up!) so I ended up creating my own pocket system.

Inside showing pockets

Then I did it again - using one sheet of heavy double sided scrapbook stock, and a lighter, contrasting pattern paper for the pockets - and I cut notches on the pocket edge so you could really see them. I also used a magnetic clasp to keep it neat. It is fairly plain because I had not decided it's place in live while I was making it - now I know it's destined to be an album/'book' I can add loads of extra bling. After having had a play I think it's better in the lighter weights - and it's a really novel album!



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  1. Hi was me that did the tutorial, so apologies for the pocket bit being a bit fiddly. Thats what happens when you leave a guy in charge of a tutorial lol. :)

    That said, you've done an excellent job with yours, and i love it when people use thier creativity to change a design, you've made it yours and that is way more cool that sticking to my design.

    In a few days i have an easier, but far prettier project like this going up on my blog, but i'll put it in Inspirational too. Definately one for the girls! :)

    Thanks for trying this, it's great to get feedback so i know what is (do-able) and what's not in a tutorial.

    The pockets on mine weren't perfect though, so don't fret too much, i think one pocket worked ok and the rest were more "visual" rather than functional.

    Take care, :)



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