Thursday, 23 April 2009


Have been to craft class today (yes, again! - have been every week this month, well, I need a boost). Janet took us today - Janet is much more technical and into clever things.

We made a swivel card - show you later - and -

Just the cute-ist little file card/folder/wallet thingie, you have ever seen.

A5 size, all decorated, with ribbon and slide out pages to stamp/write on, and pages to add photos and a dangly heart tag and stuff. Really pretty.

This is the
front view with the flap closed
- and tied with ribbon


And with the flap
opened out so you can see the back as well - decorated as well, of course.

With the flap open so you can see the sliders

So thrilled with this - it promised to be a really useful addition to the shop.

It is quite a fiddle to get all the papers cut out, but it really is so cute.



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