Thursday, 2 April 2009


You have to see this

I am so excited about this

Fiskars have just launched an amazing new punch - it goes round right angle corners.

Yes, the punched border on the cream inner is punched with one punch. It will edge round ANY size square as long as it is cut in whole inches (the USA still works in inches), you just put in as many of the (in this case) small flowers with stems as you need before you turn the corner.

It is a bit odd to explain, you need to see it in action. But Fiskars are clever bunnies, and as with their normal and circle border Punchs, it's all to do with the base.

I have just won some money in a competition so I am going to treat myself - they are around the £20 mark, but I think it is so versatile. You could do just a corner - a corner and a line - a corner and 2 lines. a corner and an uneven amount of sides - just the central border.

Oh, the middle is done with watercolouring stamps - just is case you were wondering!



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