Sunday, 26 April 2009


Guys - You know I rummage about on Ebay - and you also know I like to - shall we say be 'cost effective' (I love a bargain). I also hate to see people cheated out of there hard earned pennies when there is no need.
Why are folk paying OVER £6 on Ebay - for things that cost LESS than £5 (£4 if your are canny!). No wonder Ebay have had to stop using the advertising saying they save you money.
I am going to giving you 2 websites that you can get Cuttlebug dies and folders (and other stuff of course!), at REASONABLE - as in proper prices!!!!
Costs have gone up a bit because the exchange rate is just not as good as it was 9 months ago - that's life: but there is absolutely no reason what ever to spend over £6 on an embossing folder!!!!

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