Saturday, 14 March 2009


Gosh I did so much listing last night - nearly caught up.

Today - I have had a really good sort out on the bench. Mucked out the dog's bed in the office - bless him - there was so much glitter and paper scraps!
This evening I have had a serious tidy up of the stitched toppers on the site. One of those jobs you REALLY put off!

These are just so pretty.

I love stitching. It was my first love, and I still love the process of stitching a piece. My thread collection stretches down from my Aunt Dorris (who died 20 years ago), through my mum's thread box (who died 5 years ago) and reaches mine, with the most modern metallic and variegated colours.

I think I am the only person who is sad that the impress is discontinuing - no more stitching plates. I keep picking up the last ones for pennies - if anyone wants a good home for their old dies I will give them one.
Perhaps I should start a retirement / rescue / rehabilitation home for unwanted and unloved stitching dies.



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