Saturday, 7 March 2009


Now you know me - I don't often buy 'instant' stuff, but I have to hold my hands up - the new Dufex decoupage is just beautiful. I did indulge myself with this Egyptian one (mind you I did get 4 cards out of it).

I have not put the greeting on yet, but do you remember the backing papers?

It must have been about 3 years ago - when I first discovered the new 'Do Craft' surge, and this was one of the first paper blocks I bought. It is very earty and I do have quite a few sheets left.

Princelet and I were on holiday in the caravan (I think the old goat was in America visiting his mates - so we were really 'left alone'). I promised Princelet a trip to a The Range shop, I think it was Wigan. So e set off down the M6 and somehow found a The Range shop - don't ask me how! I think I bought my Fiskar's Shape Cutter here as well, and some garden stuff - oh, and a game the we sent the rest of the holiday playing.

That's what my craft is to me - the threads I use that belonged to my mum, to my Aunt Doris and even my gran - the Aida and linen that my dad bought, and the embroidery books he left me - the stitching I did at school - the art application I learnt at Uni - the paints that I bought WAY before I had princelet, and the watercolour paper I am still using: and recently - the papers I bought, where and when - the H2Os that I have imported from the USA - the new new cuttlebug stuff I have from Janet - and, today, the amazing ink painting techniques that I am still learning.

I reckon my crafting stretches about 120 years - more if you count the hand stitched Victorian pillowcases (which would have been Gran's - and even her mum's) that we are using every day.

My craft is my life is my past is my history is my life - does that make sense???



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