Thursday, 12 February 2009


I have been at class today. The theme was romantic, and we were using rose flower heads, and as they are quite deep, we made boxes to put them in with matching detail.

This is the box - 5" x 5", 2 punched leaf stems, 3 rose heads, ribbon tied in a bow. The roses and bow are highlighted with gold glitter and the background has green pearl drops.


This is the card. 4Punched leaf shapes, 5 roses ans so on.

I love these large punched shapes, they are really great to put at the back of all sorts of flower arrangement cards (there is a fern to which is also super). Trouble is - each one costs £12. I just can't spend that on 1 punch until the business is earning more.

I have this brilliant idea for a new range of luxury boxed cards, made to order with initials or numbers on for special ages and anniversaries.

I can't scan then very well because of the depth, so don't know if it makes a good enough impression



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