Sunday, 15 February 2009


Funny day here really.

I really fancied doing something today - going to see the agility group - or working on the outside together, but the old goat is snowed under with work and I was left at a bit of a loose end to muddle about on my own.

Well I have got the units in My House all set up, and the back fitted - then I tiled it (if it drys ok I will put a photo up tomorrow - and if it's a total disaster, I am leaving the country).
As I have been 'trying' to learn a new script, I have not got much on the go - card wise. So I have been clearing up a few, well 'oldies'

I did manage a bit of clearing up in my office though

I love this card (I should do, I made it the Christmas before last!), it's red embossing paste with glitter lightly sprinkled over it. I finally got around to doing the text plate. Would the be 10 months early or 10 month late???



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