Tuesday, 13 January 2009


My way into the craft world 'XX' years ago was stitching (cross stitch and knitting), and it has always been there in the background what ever else I have been doing.

There are stitching pieces that make me remember great events in my life - the sampler I did at Junior school - copying at my aunt's side (NOW, she was an amazing needlewoman) - the Arron jumpers I used to love doing - rummaging through mum's Stitch craft books for designs - the alphabet I did when I was carrying princelet - making all my dogs' coats and jumpers - the Christmas scene I did while watching over mum those last few days - and so on.

On my day off I still stitch.

Of course things have changed. Nowadays there are the most amazing variegated and shaded threads, as well as all the metallic, jewels and those fluffy ones, and the designs are much freer now.

One of my real loves is doing Black work. And now days 'Black' is not always 'black'. All sorts of colours mingle in with the metallic to create the open work patterns and I can't wait to use my 'spare' time to investigate more 'Black' work