Thursday, 1 January 2009


My goodness - it sure is cold out there I have only been as far as the rubbish bin all day. I have had a lovely constructive day - starting to feel much better, still very tired and sore: but can work again. Have been doing a couple of scrapbook pages of my new project. I am really not good at taking photos, this camera is so sensitive and I have not worked out the flash yet. So forgive my lousy shots.

This is the bursting paper frame in the new Do Craft magazine. I use 4 sheets of oliveine paper, set it on one of their papers - was it big blocks or mighty blocks? - cut with a deckle edge. All the edges of the cut points are inked with dark green, as are all the edges of the squares. The background stock is actually hand made Indian paper (very unusual in 12"), which adds to the grunge look. It looks better in the flesh - you can't see all the colours here.

One of my faults (one of many!) is that I can never remember where I got the paper I used or what it's called. I love to rummage about in every one's sale and get bargains, and have collected some of the most amazing and unusual papers - It's very freeing because you really have to work through it all rather then stick to the same matching kit - just don't ask what they are!
These 2 go together really well even though they are not from the same ranges - The plain I have had for ages, the stripe is new. It has very hot pink stripes. The photos are the same with one cut ion half - the old goat HATES it when I cut up photos! Matted on hot pink and the letters are cut with Fiskar's shape cutter in hot pink, matted dark blue. Can't make the camera flash work so it's a bit dark.



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