Sunday, 11 January 2009


The old goat has gone to London for a celeb bash this weekend, so princelet and I have been 'home alone' for a couple of days. Princelet was all fired up and wanted to get on with the cabin. So, over the weekend, we have cleared the floor, washed it, went and got skirting boards and underlay (with my voucher!), got a bit of carpet, rummaged in the Age Concern warehouse (princelet got himself a really nice little black table for £4). He put another coat of wood preserve on the floor and I got on waxing, cutting and fitting the skirting.


Yep, over done it AGAIN. I know - I know - but it's just not in my nature not to get on with stuff. The old goat is going to be so cross with me tomorrow. When it's all done I will have a week off - promise.

Anyway have done you a very simple scrapbook page - did you know you can cut wood veneer in the cuttlebug? Bet you didn't! You have to go real slow and go over it 2 or 3 times to get a really clean cut, but the texture effect is just amazing!