Tuesday, 9 December 2008

You know - sometimes you have a day, when you really touch base with your soul.
Those of you that have known me for a long time will know that I am a practising Christian. I don't scream and shout about it (perhaps I should), but it's there - ticking along all through my life. Tuesdays is my Church office day. Hay, Well, I turn up and unlock the office door, meditate a bit, do a bit of cross stitch, update my site and blog (yes I do), do a bit of design work, whatever; and - once in a while people drop by or the phone rings.
Well this time of year is kind of busy for church folk, and there were several people dropping by - doing various jobs - preparing, well, and so on. Reg dropped in to see how I was - they know I have been rough - and he stopped to chat. Then he took my hands and we prayed together - he wanted to ask Jesus to heal me, I wanted to ask for the strength to cope with this unknown illness.
And I realised (for the XXth time) just what a lucky bunnie I am.
I have an illness that the medics consider rare and some don't even acknowledge. Even in this day and age, people with this illness are made to feel as if they are (at best) liars or (at worst??) fakers. I am soooo lucky - I have a hubby who believes in me and (over) cossets me - a doctor who knows he can't do anything (but would do anything) to soften the impact of this illness - and loads of other friends/church/craft/email/buddies/you guys(!) - all in there with me.
You all support me and encourage me and push me and prod me and nag me and generally just keep me going through the rough times: until I come out into the sunshine again.
Well - - THANK YOU ONE AND ALL - - the past couple of weeks have been rough - - but with your love and support, I will settle into normal life again.
And to all you other FMS/CFS: well - you know
OK -Slushy moment over !!!!!!!!!!!

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