Monday, 29 December 2008


I use a lot of gems in my work, I have all sorts of mixed shapes and sizes down to 1mm.

People often ask how I have the Patience - but I have a trick up my sleeve - and I will share.
Take the fluff bit off the end of a cotton bud and add a blob of blu-tac. You can mould it with your fingers into a very fine point, and re-mould when you need to. You can use the point to 'gently' pick up the gems and place them on your glue. The glue is usually a stronger bond than the blu-tac, and the gem stays there, if you have been a bit heavy handed picking up the gem - use your craft knife tip to set it on the glue. When the blu-tac gets too mucky and non-sticky - replace the lump.


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