Tuesday, 16 December 2008


Sorry folk - kitten is really rough.
I have been battling for a couple of weeks but I finally have to give in, the FMS has knocked me off my feet - and I have a nasty feeling I have the beginnings of a chest infection.
It's princelet's Christmas concert tonight and I have told him I better not go. The last thing I need is to go out in to the cold and dark rainy night to sit in a damp church for 2 hours. Bless his little socks I hate to miss it (I spend £80 a term for his drum lessons - yes you heard me - a TERM, so I would like to see what my money (well, his granny's) buys!).
Just wish me well folks - I will find a project for you to do tomorrow. For now I an going to lie on the sofa and snuggle with fidget

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