Thursday, 6 November 2008


I have been tinkering with one of Barbara Gray's projects today - it really is another world. I have a proper workshop with her in a couple of weeks - must ask her if I can put a permanent link to her site from here.

Mind you she might not approve - I always seem to go off on a side track!

The 'frame' was stamped onto white card with versa-mark and clear embossed. Then the background colour is mixed directly onto the card with the brayer. The ink won't take over the clear embossing - it resists - hence 'resit embossing'. The top image is part of a set the came from America inked with the multi-colour Kaleidacolor pad, and clear embossed.

I can see doing more on these lines, but tinkering with the background and raising the image. The Kaleidacolor pads are pricey and I only have one - but I expect Father Christmas could bring me another one - I could really do with the greens, wonder if they do a pinks one??


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