Thursday, 13 November 2008

STUDY DAY - this is a longie!!!

Quite a small 'select' group of us at class today - we were working with vellum

Now, vellum is lovely, touchy, feelie, semi-transparent, tinker about-ie, fiddly, type stuff - but it can be hard to work out what to do with it, and you can get a bit stuck in a rut. So what do you do?? You pinch a few ideas from parchment crafters and add it to your own card making techniques, that's what you do.

This is just so gorgeous - straight forward and easy. There is a new embossing powder out called 'Snowflake', it is white with a holographic silver glitter (on the lines of 'Black Sparkle' if you have seen that - but bigger glitter flakes. Use your left button to enlarge the image then back button - and you will see what I mean.

A5 size piece of vellum - stamp and emboss all over with snowflakes. This design happens to be all one quite big background stamp, but you could use a small one repeatedly - just remember to put the embossing powder on each time you stamp or the ink will dry. Fold in half and cover an A6 size card. We punched holes in the top 2 fronts and used ribbon to hold together and hold a tag - but you could use brads/eyelets, silicone glue blobs, double sided tape just on the folding edges, loop ribbon round the whole card, tiny glue dots under the snowflakes.

We also did this one.

Again stamped and embossed - silver this time. Now here is where we steal some parchment craft techniques. If you GENTLY rub on the back, over a stamping / embossing mat (you know those spongy ones) with the ball end tool - the front will take on a white opaque look. The baubles, stars, ribbons and base tub have been embossed and show on the card quite white against the plain vellum outside the tree. Then you can paint colour on the front in the other bits with H2Os / whispers / Marvey pens.



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