Thursday, 16 October 2008


Ya know going by all I have seen of this years trends - Trees are big - baubles are big - and - Acetate is up there

Simple stamped and but out bauble card with the centre cut out and raised over shimmer paper and a gem.

This is an embossed snowflake design with a raised snowflake detail.

You stamp on acetate (which is hard - and I am just getting the hang of it) then put pva on the back side where you want the glitter to be (you need a 'fine liner bottle' to be able to do fine detail or fill in small areas - which are not cheap, but are so useful). Then shake glitter over the glue and leave to dry. At this stage it looks really grotty because all you can see is the pva - but as it dries it clears - leaving you a lovely sparkle. Stick to your card with silicone or big glue dots (these are the only things strong enough to cope with the glitter.


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