Thursday, 23 October 2008


I have decided to try and keep Thursday as a 'study' day. I go to class twice a month, do Barbra Gray's ( ) project every month, and I have been trying to work out how to get through all my magazines/books. So I have decided Thursday is study day - and today is day one, so here is what I was working on.

Why is it that when ever I work on one of Barbra's projects my desk gets in the biggest mess? Her projects are always so complex I have to get all the spoons out the drawer.

This centre panel was made in two parts. The grass, trees and animals were stamped onto rough watercolour paper. But the sky and background were brayered onto the back of vellum and put over the top. Told you she gets complicated!

I held the velum in place with brads then matted it with a dark brown pearl card and set it flat over some of that sticky gauze stuff - you know what I mean.

I have done 3 with different animals / foliage etc, and they are really gorgeous.

Only had the afternoon to 'study' as I am covering the church office most of the week. Church warden is poorly, really, really, poorly. So while I am there I am designing a organising type book for Christmas - more to follow.


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