Tuesday, 21 October 2008


I am going to be really brave today. As my bench is (relatively) clear (for me), I have gone back to the nursery rhyme folded front cards I started an eon ago.

Today I have been roughing out 'Rock A Bye Baby' - when you work with a text the first thing you need to know is - how big will it be?

So I warmed up with my parallel pen 1.5mm (that means doing lettering in the style I have chosen, and loads of strokes to get my arms and eyes working) using some gold ink that I had just mixed.
I know the space have to use - so, then I adjusted the word lines to that space.

And here you go (left click and you will get a bigger image - then use the 'back' button to come back here) - this is the second and third rough to practice the lettering and make sure of the line spacings.

This is what I copy to the final piece.

I write all my notes on it (nib - spacing - ) so I can keep it in my file and if I want to do it again I can look back and see what I did. Which saves hours of working out - although I still need to do the 'warm up' part.

So there you are - you have seen a side of my work that few people do. The rough layouts and scribbles where I work out what direction to go in.

Calligraphy is hours, and hours, and HOURS of practice

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