Tuesday, 14 October 2008


My son finally got his birthday card from me. (I was only 2 weeks late). He is now 14 and he sees all the stuff I do - I did not think he would be bothered, but the day after his birthday he said 'I didn't get a card from you mummy'. Oh ((poo)), that means I have got to find something totally different.

So here it is. Silhouette giraffes over a sky line.
This background happens to be a water colour wash, but you can get a similar effect with a tonal ink pad and a brayer. Use rough water colour paper to get an even better better patchy effect.

There is a template on my website to use http://www.princesskitten.co.uk/design_22339.html , bear in mind that it is a scan of the card template I created - so it looks a bit 'fluffy'. I have several shapes like this and I am thinking - new range of cards - perhaps 'paper-cut animals' - ' or 'silhouette animals' something along those lines


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