Thursday, 9 October 2008


Totally shattered!!
Have been to craft class today ( ) and we have been doing all sorts of stuff with the Cuttlebug - it was sooo hard not to buy anything (have to wait and see what the old goat brings home!). We were supposed to be making 3 cards, but Janet was in a 'playing' mood (for playing substitute 'serious experimental research' -you know the drill), and we ended up doing all sorts of embossing and cutting just to find out 'what if''.
with ink -
and sanding -
and cutting -
and embossing papers before cutting -
and cutting images after inking -
and so it goes on and on and on.
The VERY best way to spend a day.
I came home with only 1 card finished, but loads of ideas and some test pieces to work up into something - so just you wait.
Tons of fun - hurry up and come home old goat!!

Tomorrow will be spent working on the baby peom commission - promise: after that. . .

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