Saturday, 18 October 2008


Well the house is settling down to normal: the dogs have been nagging the old goat ALL day to do stuff! The mad hound has a 'play' bark that will summon him down from the attic (and work) to have a tussle; or he sits and whinnies at the bottom of the stairs to be allowed up - then he pesters the cats and steals their food and gets booted out again!

Just in cast anyone was worried about the 'old goat' nickname; it's his logo and he likes it.

meanwhile - I was trying to scribe a pink version of the baby poem. They got me so distracted that I missed out a line.
Perfect lettering - just with a line missing - grrrrr
In the old days, when the scribes missed out a line of text they were copying (usually the Bible) and stuff was too expensive to start again, they would draw a serpent's tail to between the lines where they had missed the text and coil it's body down to the bottom of the page, where it's mouth would open to issue the missed line.

Won't really work though - will it - with a baby poem - and it being - well pink and girly - better start over again then eh!

Did get one thing finished -
I hunted all over the place for some sort of 'army' stuff to do a scrapbook page of princelet's first Cadet march. In the end I bought a grungy linen weave effect paper for the side panel, and sponged a camouflage effect on it with inks. I could not find any netting suitable - and my attempt to bleach out the colour of my fish-nets died the death, so I ended up cutting some angel hair paper with a lace template on my cuttlebug and adding tied cut up strips of ribbon here and about. Pic is a bit grotty - sorry

Well princelet is chuffed with it.


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