Tuesday, 19 August 2008


It has been raining today, so I have been a good Bunnie and been 'working' in my office.
This is a favourite card fold of mine - it is made from an A4 sheet of card. Cut in half to A5 size - fold 1 piece to A6, and fold the front edge back to the fold line - then take you other A5 score it in half, then each side in half - and join the last of this piece over the folded back flap of you A6 card.

It makes sense - trust me I'm a designer! You end up with an A6 card back with several accordion pages on the left side. It is great for scribing a verse, and you can decorate the 3 small fronts, leaving the 2 small back blank.

It is a while since I sat and scribed - probably shows! But I love this poem (In a garden), and you can dress it up with all sorts of flowery stuff.

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  1. Lovely card. I've just started blogging myself, haven't got too much there at the moment. Sue


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