Sunday, 31 August 2008


Couple more holiday pics - guys on the beach

well, I have scrubbed and painted, washed and tidied, emptied cupboards and cleared out stuff.

Can't believe how well I am at the moment

I have not been this well for at least 2 years - probably more. I know I should probably 'pace' myself, but I really want to get the place a bit clean and sorted before I fall apart again.

I can't believe that 4 weeks ago I needed a walking stick to get about and now I am bouncing about like a spring chicken - no wonder that they can't work out what this illness does and how to treat it. I want to give the kitchen a serious freshen up and deep clean, and I am itching to repaint and scrub out the hall ways and stairs. There are some really yummy new paint colours about - really fancy some pinks I have seen. No - the guys won't mind - well they won't know until I have painted it on the walls will they???

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