Friday, 15 August 2008

Bit pushed this week. The Church Warden is very poorly - as in really, really poorly, so I am covering the office for 3 mornings this week. Anything to be of use - that's all one can do really: be there to do the 'daily' stuff and give breathing space. And ask you all to send a healing prayer with St George's in mind this week.

Had the most brilliant idea. you know that you can put photos - music - even films on to a CD now? - well, what you need is a really, really, gorgeous(!) envelope thingies so you can make a real gift of it.

Isn't that just brilliant???

Worked it out all by myself too.
It would be a wonderful idea to have discs of wedding photos to send out to every body - have you seen what the photographers charge?

Any CD you make needs care and this just lifts it to 'something special'.

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