Saturday, 9 August 2008

I am at home today - there is NO way I am going to stand in a field in this weather. It has been a fairly quiet week really - all the stall holders are saying that it's much slower that the last few years. Don't know if it is the weather keeping folk away - or they are just keeping their purses closed.
Got my parcel from this morning, so I am dying to get back to my bench for a play.
Got a new origami fold to play with - and if this rain keeps up there is no way will I go out tomorrow so will have to think of something to keep busy - ummm - ummm - ummm.
August 4th - I am at Bowness, on the Glebe, this afternoon - possibly Tuesday - Friday and Sunday. So drop by and say Hi if you are about.
It does mean that I won't be about in here much - I will keep the shop up to date, post here and pick up messages - but there won't be much new going on at my desk (now you know why I do so much during the winter months!). Just hope the weather holds.

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