Wednesday, 9 July 2008


Summer house crisis just about solved - caught the cushions just as mould spots were starting and gave every thing a good wash. Perhaps now I can get on a bit now!
Am totally pooped after the mad panic to get water tight again.
Have added a few 'cat' cards. Picked up some clear stamps in the big Lakeland sell off (they are woodware style).
SEE-SHOP-CARDS-SCAVENGERS (too tired to scribe them!)
Craft class tomorrow

PS - I am very sorry guys - but I am going to have to pull the Tuesday card challenge. As you know I am not sat at my computer all day, I am actually crafting and selling - so have to produce a reasonable amount of GOOD quality work, as well as putting time into designing and experimenting. I am afraid that the Tuesday challenge has born the brunt of it all and I just can't keep up with it. I will see how things go after the summer and Christmas season, usually late December / January / February are pretty quite on the selling front and I get a chance to catch up with 'big' jobs - last February the old goat rebuilt my office.
I have got so much sitting on my desk at the moment - and commissions to do - I am getting a bit stressed with it all. Especially as I have to get the summerhouse back in use because all the stuff is getting ruined in the rain!!! Summer - When's that then?
I shall keep the scrapbook challenge going - even if I don't get a chance to put up my picture every week. I need to be pushed in this direction more, and I will catch up as I can.
Again, apologies.

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